TEVAR / EVAR: the way to go in most patients with thoracic or abdominal aorta aneurysm. Are there things to take care of? Here are some of them:

  1. Never use a hydrophilic wire as a guide wire. There is serious danger for dissection. Use only in difficult points, just to get of the difficult situation and then exchange it to a standard J-tip wire.
  2. In case of possible dissection of iliac artery do not hesitate to go for a cross-over from the other femoral artery.
  3. If you need to catheterise a splanchnic artery, localize its position in relation to the close vertebrae, on the preop CT. Then identify this area on the C-arm view and try to catheterise the vessel using just a SOS Omni catheter with a syringe with contrast on its end, and not a wire. After catheterizating the vessel, live the catheter there; do not use a hydrophilic catheter: there is danger of throwing back the catheter when one tries to advance the wire into the splanchnic vessel (especially on the celiac axis, or the SMA)
  4. Always double check the SFA artery when closing the femoral arrteriotomy. You may need to use a Fogarty catheter.
  5. Have always around:
    1. Snare
    2. Hyrophilic wire with J-tip
    3. SOS Omni catheter

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