You have an excel file. In one column there are not specific answers or numbers. There are texts. And you need to know which of the cells contain a specific string (specific order of characters). How can you do it?

First, create a new column next to the previous one. Name it with the “string” you are looking for. Then, on the first cell of the column put the next function:

=IF((COUNTIF($K2;"*Previous open*")); 1; "")

Let me explain this function. This is an IF function. However, if I put in the argument the phrase in quoting marks with the wildcard characters (*), it will not work. Why? Because, the IF statement works either with numbers or with exact words. No with wildcard characters. Then, what you do? Instead the argument you put the function COUNTIF($K2;”*Previous open*”) in parentheses which will give a number. In the previous example, if the cell K2 contains any part of the phrase “Previous open” (this what asterisks do), it will return the number 1. If not, it will return nothing. Thus, if the cell K2 the IF statement will return the number 1, if not nothing.

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