Step No 5: Dissect the proximal aorta

What is between you and the proximal aorta is the left crus of the diaphragm. With your hand feel the pulses underneath and recognise the crus. Using your scissors, divide the fibers of the crus until you see the shiny adventitia of the aorta. Dissect medially and laterally the aorta until you feel the vertebra. Check an aortic clamp to see if the aorta is securely clamped. 

Step No 6: Aortic dissection

The final step is the aortic dissection. Just mind of one structure: the descending lumbar vein. It is a branch of the left renal vein, which is always there. Try to find it and securely ligate and divide it. Following, find the left renal artery and carefully dissect it. Pass an elastic sling around it. Finally find the distal aorta. 

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