Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Rev(iew) Man(ager) 5.
  2. New
  3. Press Finish
  4. Save As…
  5. Change “[Intervention] for [health problem]”
  6. (left column / Studies and references) References to studies
  7. Included studies
  8. (right click) Add Study
  9. (Study ID) Author Year > > > Finish (you can Copy / Paste studies from other .rm5 file)
  10. (left column / Studies and references) Data and analyses
  11. (right click) Add Comparison
  12. (New Comparison Wizard) Name > Add an outcome under the new comparison > Data type (eg Dichotomous) > Name / Group Label 1 / Group Label 2 > Statistical Method (eg Mantel-Haenszel) / Effect Measure (eg Odds Ratio) / Analysis Model (eg Random Effects) > > Left Graph Label / Right Graph Label / Sort By (eg Year of study) > Finish
  13. (left column / Studies and references / Data and analyses / left arrow on “name of analysis” / right click) Add Study Data
  14. (choose studies) > Finish
  15. Insert data (Events and Total in both groups)

Data interpretation

Be careful with the labels under the forest plot. If the outcome is negative (i.e. occlusion, re-intervention, mortality, morbidity, etc) then leave as it is. On the other hand, if the outcome is positive (i.e. perioperative survival, success etc) you need to reverse.

Image from Revman help

This was found by my colleague KA,, whom I very much appreciate.

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