Do you want to add a link to an email in your Mac Calendar app? It is easy. Just follow the steps:

1. Find the Message ID of the email. It can be found in the header of the email together with the sender, receiver, subject etc. If you cannot find it, open the Preferences > Viewing > Show Header details / Custom and then press the + signal and write Message-ID and then enter. The Message-ID of each email will be found in every email’s header

2. Copy the Message-ID of the email you want to create a link in the Calendar app. Open the Calendar app and create a new event for the date you are interested in. On the url option type message:// followed by the Message-ID of the email you want to link to (including the <> brackets). For example if the Message-ID of an email is <> type message://<> in the url field. That’s it! Now, you have a link in your event to the email you are interested in. You can have a detailed description in the following webpage

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